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Welcome in the 21. Century !

With Joint-Line-Technology you force purchases and perfect marketing

- raise your turnovers
- increase noticeably the reputation of your company
- "force" customers for purchasing your products...

Joint-Line-Tec simply is a new dimension of "the Art of Selling".

  You can trust us to do the job for you.

Sympathy and antipathy are instinctive reactions - they are not subject to rational functions of the brain. Known.

Advertising strategists and marketing professionals try from time immemorial, to find a "switch", - the "open sesame you" into the deeper mental processes of potential clients ...

We are at this point not elaborate, you - the person who has accessed this page - of course, have a broadband knowledge of various sales promotion techniques.

Here, however, you're a completely new concept introduced.

The "sympathy dynamics" of  Your company logo is the key.

YOUR COMPANY LOGO is your first "business card", the first release for or against your business (unconsciously).

The Joint Line-Tec Logo programming impregnated your company logo and your website with the sympathy factor - the feel-good vibrations!

Every single world logo "then vibrates sympathetically" - we know that is very new and almost unbelievably, it happens on a quantum-dynamical level - ie invisible - is verified with the aforementioned special measuring methods directly on the people! (Eg with kinesiology testing, iris diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc.)

If only 2% of the previously unconscious "anti" responsive customer suddenly turn to "sympathetic" to .... what that meant for the development of sales of your business?

And at 5% / 10% ... 25% ..?

Welcome to the 21st Century!

The century of quantum regulation to optimize success.

(At a later date we will add the additional joint line-tec PRODUCT programming, an expanded opportunity to use this method as part of your membership - basically a "one-stop-insurance" for your sales.)

Club membership @ Joint Line-Tec

You may initially opt for a 6-week trial membership. This minimum period is reasonable because the impregnation of your logo affects with slow but steady acceleration.

In addition, the more people over time to respond to your provided with joint line-Tec programming company logo, the more intense and lasting effect of the sympathy factor from (we call this effect: engrammatic resonance - derived from quantum physics and findings)

If you make it during the trial membership accurate evaluation of sales performance (taking into account all factors, such as: seasonal variations, competition situation, general economic conditions, etc.) determine a positive trend for your business, you can and should book your full membership. You don´t need to do anything: you will get the full membership until the 6-week trial membership (even easier than shown in the presentation). You can of course cancel your Subscribtion after the trial membership.

Your membership can be terminated at any time.


Trial Period ** 6 weeks á NZ $ 37 - (impregnation 24/7: for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Full membership: NZ $ 129.50 per week (impregnation 24/7: for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


All amounts are in NZD = New Zealand Dollar.

With this constant oscillation regulation = Sympathy impregnation of your company logo / your website / your products, increase your blatantly competitive opportunities in the market.

There are mainly small and medium enterprises are supported. *** The middle class is the backbone of a functioning community and "choking" at the time almost to excessive demands of the state and bureaucracy. That is our view.

Entrepreneurial thinking and foreseeing managers recognize the value of this offer right away - even without a big "fuss" .. - Therefore this simple information website is also sufficient. We shun a massive appearance, giving you the small membership fee**** benefit.

Please also refer to our "Terms and Conditions".




Joint-Line-Tec Logo Programming

Are you ready for the 21st century technology?

  • Increase your Business Success
  • Increase companies expression

 Joint-Line-Tec Logo Programming: members only.




















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