Personal Management

With Joint-Line-Technology PM you force purchases AND perfect management and marketing

- raise your turnovers
- increase noticeably the reputation of your company
- lower the ill state up to 30%
- create a good social work climate
- work more concentrated
- lower the tiredness

With Joint-Line-Technology PM you boost your individual abilities

- develop your visionar marketing strategies
- improve your motivation
- raise your working activity
- increase your creativity




“When we move others to do what they long for, they’ll help us to do the same – it’s the ultimate win-win”


We are at the leading edge in our time space reality and are discovering ways on  how to improve the quality of life for us and everybody who chooses to. We can only be successful if we help others to get what they want. And hopefully we are then all looking after the earth in a more holistic and responsible way. Global goals and projects do require strong visions, leadership and persistence. We are able to tap into the most advanced technology to support us in these areas. So what is the basis of our technology?


“Morphic resonance is the name given to the “field” pattern of organizing intention which translates the ‘word’ (intention) or creative thought from the spiritual into matter. (Also known as the “Hypothesis of Formative Causation”)

The pattern is that of the species (morphism) when the species is engaged in the procreative act. It is as though the species, in its natural urge to perpetuate itself at the time of the procreative act of its members renews itself on two levels –


  1. the material aspect via substance vehicles for genetic renewal; and
  2. the vibrating frequency or organizing “field” which will be the intentional force.


Beneficial Resonance with your Biofield

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health in the United States adopted a new term -- biofield -- to describe a growing body of research showing a subtle field that permeates and extends beyond the physical body.  The biofield is something you've probably already noticed:  a vital force that animates our bodies and powers our daily lives.  When our biofield is out of balance, we are out of balance.  Disease, fatigue, and apathy all reflect a compromised biofield.  When something improves our biofield it can increase our natural immunity to stress and enhance our sense of well-being.

Q-Holistic have taken this approach one step further and are working with the morphogenetic field.

With Q-Holistic Technology you will increase your company potential beyond comprehension. It will increase the motivation of everybody involved in this company. It will enhance your image when people see the business logo. People will feel quite comfortable and drawn to its holder. Your profit will increase over time and the business will be protected from negative influences on many different energy levels.


Does this information switch a light on in your mind? Can you imagine the benefits your company will receive? Can you “see” what you could achieve on a bigger scale?


We will not go into much detail on “How” this works apart from explaining that our technology works with the morpho genetic field. (by the way the principle is the same as with your water ppurify technology). If you are interested more in scientific facts then go and have a look at :


Morphic fields can now be measured scientifically! and search for morphogenetic field




Modern Management with

Q-Holistic Technology


No limitations in the manifestation of your desires (mission statement) into the subconscious of not just yourself but every member involved in Supreme Connections.


¨       Create visionary marketing strategies

¨       Increase your motivation

¨       Increase your energy levels for your work

¨       Increase the potency of your actions

¨       Improve communication

¨       Remain alert and stay focussed longer

¨       Improvement of social interaction between Supreme Connection members

¨       Decrease of sickness within the group

¨       A strongly recognisable increase in “status” of the group


Quantum physics is the basis of this process and is internationally recognized as a break thru in science on many different levels. We are all vibrational beings and Q-Holistic technology works on that level. In the words of Esther Hicks: “You launched a desire and it is available in source”. We help you to increase your physical vibration so you “catch” up with your desire and then manifest it.


In “Born Rich“ terms: you think of an idea and turn it into a goal. With your will you are holding this image. Q-Holistic Technology can increase your vibration to the ideal state, where you manifest your idea/goal. In this case we are talking about a business vibration and even global consciousness.

Quantum Physics

Empower yourself with Quantum Physics and Mind Creation

 We realize that most of us don't really want to learn quantum physics or quantum theory.  It's just lot of math!  What we really want are the implications of quantum theory in our lives.  We want to know how to use quantum principles to create the life of our dreams!

The implications of quantum physics truly empower you. 

Our physical universe is shapeable!  Yes, quantum physics teaches us that our physical reality is moldable, and this truth excites a lot of us.  It means we can create what we want, if we work with the quantum laws.

Our thoughts shape the universe and the matter we see.  Quantum research proves that particles of light and matter behave differently when we humans "watch" them!  We co-create our physical universe via the power of our minds, by using "holographic creations" made from waves of sound and light.

Energy follows thought.  Thought is the essence of power, and focused thought is focused power.  Much of the thought that creates our worlds is weak, scattered, and unfocused.  With practice, you can learn to focus your mind's power and create the reality you want and deserve.

The laws of quantum physics show that everything must be created first in the inner world.  The inner reality is the matrix, the blueprint, or divine design, and then physical matter is attracted to this "template" by the laws of quantum attraction.  This is how the world you see comes into existence! And Q Holistic is helping you to get there faster.


So how fast can you manifest?


As you know the more often you hold an image and feed it with the positive vibrations and ‘feel good’ emotions the faster you will see your goal manifesting. If you “see” your vision/goal only once a week and your vibration is not strong or positive enough yet, it will take you longer to manifest. Most people, as you have seen after your Born Rich seminars, do leave really enthusiastic and on a “high”. A fortnight later the vibration level usually drops.

We have found the same experience with Q-Holistic technology. After 1 service the vibration quality is really high and then it slowly declines. The shorter the period between each service the higher the vibration level. It is suggested to keep the “average“ vibration as high as possible (average meaning the middle between really high and the lowest point of decline before the next service).

When will you ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the impact of Q-Holistic Logo Programming?

The changes you can expect to feel range from the dramatic to the subtle and they are often quite individualized, since our lives are each unique. Some companies feel immediate effects, whereas most will notice effects increasing up to 30 days, at which point 80% report positive benefits. Occasionally, customers do not feel any effects at all. However, when we examine these individuals with various tests, we find they have experienced beneficial changes that they simply haven’t noticed.




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